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I am called Opoka Joel, I came from Lira district in Northern part of Uganda. I came to Kampala city in year 2000 simply because of the northern war.

In the north we had a serious terrorist called “Kony” and his team under the the movement of the Lord’s resistance army, they were killing people, young old and disabled without mercy.

Personally,I faced the consequences in two ways;

My uncle was a primary whop was a primary teacher and he was so dear me because he was paying my school fee,he was captured and killed. Secondly my elder brother who was to carry me under a bicycle to go to school was also arrested in year 2000 and he did not come back up to now. The unbearable condition above forced me to come to Kampala and on reaching the city I found very many people with disabilities like me whom I joined them they showed a point to sit and beg for money for survival. However, this experience was yet another tough one similar to the home life

I used to sleep under a house and cover myself with a sack, sometimes I would enter the sack like seeds in order to avoid coldness which could not be easily avoided I began to have to conflicting ideas, either to go back home or continue my life on the streets .

Fortunately enough, a savior and a burden carrier by the time had in 1998 bought a home for persons with disabilities and they were already settled as they would go to bed and go back to sleep in the house. When I learned of this through a friend, I also went to the home and I was welcome given a room, bed, mattress and a blanket. Life become better even than the one at home because of all these provisions. For this I started valuing Lisbeth as a mother up to now.

In the year 2007 Mother Lisbeth came to Uganda with two ladies from Denmark by names, Pernille and Elizabeth. These three ladies trained the three of us with disabilities in the skills and techniques of making blankets, we were Julius, James and Myself.

From October 2007 we started the production of these blankets up to date. The blanket project has brought a lot of changes to my life mainly in the following ways:-

  1. No longer go for begging on the street.

  2. I can provide basic needs to my family e.g clothes, food.

  3. I can buy personal needs and as a result, I am a smart disabled person.

  4. I can transport my self to my home district at will because of Lisa’s support.

  5. I have built a temporary house for my family.

  6. I can provide medical support to my family.

  7. I feel employed.

  8. I gained respect from the community unlike in begging.

  9. I am an independent person.

  10. I managed to buy two goats and a cow. An many others.

All these achievement are as a result of mother Lisa’s sympathy on persons with disabilities in Uganda. My sincere thanks goes to Lisa, Pernille, and Elizabeth.

May God bless you.

All from

Opoka Joel



I was living on the streets around old taxi park in Kampala city. This happened because my parents left me without helping me.

The only way I, was securing my live hood was by begging in the streets a had may point for begging.

Life was too hand because I, was sleeping on the serenade and ram would wash me under the houses.

In 2002 I, was informed by a friend that a Danish woman called Lisbeth had acquired a home for disabled people in kyebando. I came and I was given a room with a bed, mattress and a blanket this is making me to sleep comfort ability .In 2007 madam Lisbeth came to Uganda with two young Danish girl called Pernille and Elizabeth. These two girls trained these disables men me Munu James and my other friends on how to make blankets we started with this blanket since 2007 up to now and it is changing my life by

  1. Stopping me from begging on the streets

  2. To buy land

  3. Making me equal to these who are able

  4. Self employment

  5. I, am now marriage man with two children

  6. Building a small houses

  7. Feeding my families

  8. I, am so happy be cause my blanket is now taken to Denmark to sell by lisa . may god bless madam Lisa Pernille and Elizabeth to make changes in my life

Thanks yours faithfully











The Blanket project was started by a small community of persons with disabilities mainly those with phisical disabailties affected by Polio.

The project is located at kyebando Kisalosalo Village, Kawempe division all found in the Northern part of kampala District.

Previously I was living on the streets around old taxi park in Kampala city. This happened because of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) to force every body to leave our home districts in the Northern parts of Uganda. Second due to my physical Disability I can protect my self there.

The only way I would secure my livelihood was by begging in the streets of Kampala I had my fixed point for begging life was too hard because I was sleeping on the veranda would wash me under the houses.

In 1998 a Danish woman called Lisbeth raised fund for housing disabled in Kyebando, now I have one room with beds, mattress and Blanket this make me sleep comfortably.

In October 2007 madam Lisbeth came to Uganda with two young Danish Girls called Pernille and Elizabeth.

These two girls trained three disabled men:- namely: James, Joel and Julius on how to make the blankets.

We started with the blankets since 2007 up to date it is changing my way of living and making me an independent person. This is all because of Madam Lisa.

Below are importance of the project to me:-

  1. Stopping me from begging on the streets

  2. An experience of making Blankets to get money

  3. Self employment.

  4. Getting some friends from Denmark like Pernille and Elizabeth.

  5. To buy some piece of land for settlement

  6. Constructing some rooms (house) for my family

  7. Medical care for my family

  8. Paying school fees

  9. Transporting me from Kampala to my District.

  10. Basic needs such as clothing, food and any more.

  11. Making me equal to those able ones.

  12. Iam so happy, because my Blankets now being take to Denmark for sale by Lisa.


May the Lord God our Father, the creator Bless Madam Lisa, Pernille and Elizabeth for making changes in my life.

Thanks, yours


Ocen Julius



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